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Purchase : To purchase materials (artifacts) deserving of preservation and exhibition
  within the limit of budget through proper process
Donation : To preserve materials (artifacts) permanently in museum
Deposition : To preserve and exhibit materials (artifacts) which were deposited
  within a fixed term
Lending : To lend materials (artifacts) to various events within a fixed term

We, Miribeol folk museum, would like to receive the donation of materials and artifacts which are directly or indirectly related with history, folklore and culture of Milyang region for preserving, exhibiting, studying, and educating. Donations of artifacts offer lots of people valuable opportunity to share, appreciate, and study cultural heritages. Your contribution and concern will help to preserve and display cultural artifacts, and inherit and cultivate traditional culture. We are waiting for your participation.

Promotion of Donation : During a year continuously

Objects of Donation : All Kind of Korean / Foreign Christian

The process of donation and deposition

- Request for donation / deposition (through phone or interview)
- Submit donation / deposition document (a prescribed form in museum, visiting)
- Decide upon and report whether donation / deposition would be accepted or not
- Take over artifact (visiting)
- Issue an accepted certificate (photo attached)

※ In case of deposition, period of deposition may be mentioned in accepted certificate

Management of Donated Artifacts

- After registration the artifact on the list of museum piece, use it for exhibition, research and    education.
- Hold a special exhibition.
- Issue catalogue and use it as an education material
- Use it as the material for special management program, for example, 'visiting museum'

A Special Privilege to Donor

Donated artifacts will be carefully investigated and registered on the list of museum piece, and will be scientifically preserved depending on the value and condition of artifacts. A special exhibition will be held according to the quality and quantity of artifacts