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Gospels, churches, and a nation…The culture of Christian along with these 3 values in the history of one century! The history of Korean Christian was full of the times of beginning, suffering, and developing of Christian cultures! The History Museum of Korean Christian is founded to hand down the relics and remains of a religion to our descendants by finding and keeping the fruits from the history and cultures of Korean Christian, ordering and displaying those fruits, and researching and introducing them.

With 60 years of missionary times using publications by Gidokgyomun-sa, we’ve collected about 100,000 precious remains. The History Museum of Korean Christian is founded to show and introduce these remains: these remains are materials our ancestors had lived with, thus we think these are not personal belongings but public materials of Korean churches. Also, founding of History Museum of Korean Christian is the expression of our thankful heart to Korean Christian order for endless prays, attentions, and advices from the time of small book store in Daegu to the time of development as a representative organization among the publishing company for Christian.

The History Museum of Korean Christian welcomes the visitors in the purpose of getting the wisdom of Christ and preparing for religious future based on devotions and sacrifices of our ancestors, giving live gospels to young generations, and opening the new chapter of missionary work as a comprehensive cultural mission with great dreams.

Please visit us frequently with constant attention and pray.