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1955. 5. 12
Founding Jeongmun-sa as an organization for missionary works
  using publications in the purpose of the contribution to Christian culture and giving gospels to the nation, by a clergyman, Lee Seongho from Daegu Pyeongbuk Church, and presbyters, Jeong
  Hakseon, Jeong Yeongrok, Han Yeongje.
1956. 12. 5
Registering as a publishing company with the name
  “Gidokgyo Gyomun-sa”
1958.8 Moving the bookstore and office to Chungmuro-1-ga in Seoule
  and renaming to “Gyomun-sa”

1961.6 Suspending the business due to social confusion and bad
  economic situation
1961. 11 Re-opening as a bookstore “Gyomun-sa” at 2321 Jongro-5-ga in
  Seoul “Gidokgyo Gyomun-sa”
1962. 5 Moving to 407 Jongro-5-ga, Seoul
1967. 2. 27 Re-registering as a publishing company with the name “

1974. 1
Opening an office for the publishing business at Pil-dong,
  Jung-gu, Seoul
1976. 8 Moving the publishing office to #11-20 Samil Sangga Apartment
  Sungin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
1976. 9 Moving the publishing office to 1-1184 Yongsan-dong 2-ga,
  Yongsan-gu, Seoul

1982. 10. 16
Completing the organizing of social welfare organization
  “Icheon Hannah Center” for seniors without dependents.
1985. 5
Completing the building of “Icheon Hannah Center at 474 Choji-ri,
  Daewol-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
1985. 5
Praying in thanks for the complete publications of “The encyclopedia
  for Christian (Consisted of 16 books)” in the anniversary for 100th

year of Korean Christian
1987. 5 Expanding the bookstore at Jongro-5-ga, Jongro-gu in Seoul

1990. 8
Completing the building of office building at 5-13 Chungsin-dong,
  Jongro-gu, Seoul
1995. 11
Praying in thanks for the 40 years of Gidokgyomun-sa

2000. 4
Founding Hyangsan Research Center for Chiristian Culture as a
  research organization for cultural missionary works in Korea
2000. 10. 15
Beginning the construction of History Museum of Korean Christian
  at 474 Choji-ri, Daewol-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
2001. 10. 11-20
Having the opening exhibition “Christian and Hangeul” at the
  National Library of Korea

2001. 11. 30
Completing the building of the museum and having a opening pray
2002. 2-2003. 3
Having the second exhibition “The History of Christian in North
  Korea: left homeland and churches we have to go back”
2003. 4-2004. 3 Having the third exhibition “The Religious life in early churches:
  Historical materials in the age of early mission”
2003. 7 Registering as a private museum to the Ministry of Culture and
2003. 8 Registering the publishing division in the HMKC
2004. 4-2005. 2 Having the fourth exhibition “120 years of missionary works with
  the nation: Materials for missionary works in Korean Christian